Mecical Equipment Trading

Since the begining of COVID, when RNR Group was formed in the early 2020, the primary business of group's activity has always been medical equipment trading including the procurement and sourcing of high end medical products such as face masks, nitrile gloves, medical gowns, hand sanitizers and other hospital related and surgery related medical items.

RNR Group has very extensive worldwide network between the US and Asia Pacific, through the Middle East involving numerous local high authority enterprises, large trading public and private companies, world's top and most high end product manufacturers and logistics companies.

RNR Group's competence lead the group to dominate medical equipment trading business in the local Middle Eastern region throughout the years till 2023.

Since the pandemic, hospitals, clinics, private health care companies and governments have taken more precaution towards health risk management and so medical equipment trading has been growing in demand ever since 2020. As professionals in the industry RNR Group is proud to serve clients and fulfill their needs in the very competitive trading space.

How we help clients in medical equipment trading:

  • Access of high end products with limited production and allocation
    We have exclusive accesss to world's top medical equipment manufacturers and production facilities that produce and supply the best quality products. We can help clients to attain allocations for specific high demand products.
  • Global shipping and logistics
    We have a dedicated team specializing in global shipping and logistics including air, sea and roads. Since we have been a long customer for our logistics vendors, our team can get the best quotes on global shipping which are much more competitive than the standard rates.
  • Trade deal management
    We have worked and executed numerous trade deals in the past years, with our strong experience and track record we can help clients to manage their trade deals and we can provide the best partners from manufacturing and production side to global shipping and logistics including top tier legal advice towards contracting and safety.
  • Access to global supply chain of medical equipment
    Our network of manufacturers, vendors and suppliers posses tens of thousands of different medical items for various specifications including surgerical items, items required for hospital basic and advanced need, donational medical items, and others. We can tap into our network's database, search and get the required item for our clients.

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