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Date: 26 Oct 2021
Title: Read on Fortune India

RNR Group is looking to dominate FMCG retail e-commerce market in the Middle East

Date: 29 Sep 2021
Title: Read on Finance Yahoo UK

RNR Group is looking for public listing in 2022 on global stock exchanges such as NASDAQ: NDAQ

Date: 27 Sep 2021
Title: Read on Nordnet

RNR Group is now looking at $100M JV with a top European bank

Date: 27 Sep 2021
Title: Read on Forbes Georgia

A Company Which Was Formed During Covid-19 Is Now Looking at $70m Valuation

Date: 14 Sep 2021
Title: Read on Forbes Monaco

Entrepreneurs Create $15M Business During Pandemic Now Aim For $100M JV With A French Bank And A Unicorn IPO

Date: 30 Sep 2020
Title: Read on Entrepreneur India

How this Entrepreneur turned the pandemic into an opportunity

Date: 28 Aug 2020
Title: Read on Forbes India

CEO Interview with Swapnadip Roy Founder of RNR Group about Markets and COVID 19

Date: 28 Aug 2020
Title: Read on Financial Times

RNR Group Medical Trading

Date: 21 Aug 2020
Title: Read on Bloomberg

Professional Consulting Firm’s Business Overview and Founders

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