General Trading

The Middle East is the centre of the world for general trading business. Specifically in the United Arab Emirates, the most practised business is commodity trading.

Whether it's a domestic or international market, RNR Group is fully committed to assisting our customers in achieving their goals for finalize and execute international commodity trade deal.

A trade deal whether it is for an agricultural or petroleum product involves certain level of detail and experience to be successfully executed.

At RNR Group, firm's executives have over a decade of experience in commodity trading, deal structuring, deal execution, and partnership and network establishments.

We help clients to trade commodities by:

  • Providing global access to our exclusive commodity suppliers and vendors
    We have special vendor access for the following products: petroleum, precious metals and gems, medical equipment, agricultural products, general daily items, office items, construction materials, automobiles, and other general mainstream traded products.
  • Global shipping and logistics
    RNR Group has established professional partnerships with global logistics companies with best pricing rates worldwide including deliveries by air, sea and roads.
  • Trade deal management consulting
    At RNR Group we not only sell or buy products, but we also help to manage existing trade deals. If clients have issues and are struggling with execusion, our professional global trade executives can help clients to solve different matters in order to execeture the trade deal successfully.

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