Market Insights: Investing

Where to Invest in 2020

As the year 2020 started with the coronavirus crisis, it showed that the economy could be volatile quickly. While the long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is hard to predict, it is not difficult to imagine an acceleration in trends created by the epidemic.

Investments arose during the pandemic

Specifically, during the pandemic, dozens of companies worldwide are scrambling to either test and market a COVID-19 treatment, vaccine, medical equipment, and safety products, making the sector one of the safest investments. According to analysts, The pandemic opportunity is worth $2 to $25 billion, making this segment of the healthcare industry represent one of the best investments in 2020. Also, software companies become a must needed tool for tens of millions of people that were forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even after the pandemic situation, it can predict that the work from home phenomenon will have a lasting impact on the work environment. As some mega large companies confirm their workers will work from home permanently, it seems to grow by the day, which makes a good investment for software and social media platforms.

Other opportunities

On the other hand, when considering some safe short term investments, savings accounts, or credit union is an excellent alternative method of holding cash in a checking account. Corporate bonds issued by major corporations to fund their investments are also typically considered safe and pay interest at regular intervals. Money market accounts are another kind of bank deposit that pays a higher interest rate than savings accounts. Other than these, certificates of deposits, cash management accounts, and treasurys are also some positive investment options. However, long-term investing is the best path to a secure future. Growth stocks, some common examples are stock funds, bond funds, dividend stocks, real estate, and small-cap stocks can be named the best possible long term options to have in 2020.